3D For All... It's Expected!

Clean Room EnclosureToday's tech savvy consumers expect to see both consumer and industrial products inside and out before they buy. It's not just a "nice to have" feature anymore, having downloadable drawings and models of your products is now often the deciding factor on whether to buy or not.

Telaverus consider ourselves an information delivery company. Our number one priority is delivering your message and materials in the best light possible, and as expected by the modern consumer.


Ecamion EnclosureDon't Let Production Hold up Your Marketing!

Telaverus are proud to have been chosen recently to provide our 3D design & prototyping services to the Toronto Hydro Community Energy Storage project. A project that involves The University of Toronto, Toronto Hydro, DOW Kokam and Ecamion. The project scope was to provide a 3D prototype complete with mechanical and electrical manufacturing drawings of the Community Energy Storage (CES) system.

The Telaverus design was accepted and production is now complete!



No Product or Ugly Product? Both Look Great in 3D!Rex Chokes

Have you ever seen a power transformer in real life? Most haven't, if you ever do have the opportunity to view one you won't be impressed. The reality is that they are ugly workhorses, they are a very important part of our modern infrastructure, but man are they ugly!

Rex CatalogueFortunately, with the technology available to us today there is no reason to provide the "ugly" version of your products to your customers. Let Telaverus help you put your best foot forward by modelling and rendering your products in 3D.

We have done this for many companies over the years always with great results. Take Rex Power Magnetics for example, one of the largest transformer manufacturers in North America, and recently awarded one of Canada's top 50 best managed companies. Telaverus worked with Rex to produce beautiful 3D models and renderings for use in their most recent catalog.



Rapid Turn Around!GE Community Energy Storage

GM asked Telaverus how fast we could produce a manufacturable 3D design that utilized their concept of repurposing the Chevy Volt batteries into a community energy storage enclosure. Three weeks later we handed them a rendered concept and a full set of manufacturing drawings. We love how they added their touch to the final product; a vehicle wrap that looks like an amazing paint job!


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